Sisterhood Confernece

Sisterhood is not a destination, it is a journey.
For the past few months, our sisterhood community has been gradually growing. New schools are joining our journey and we are spreading the sisterhood loving embrace over teens in several new locations. Our clubs are not just weekly meetings, but more importantly a community of teenage girls on a journey together. At the beginning of April, Effutukwa Elementary School joined our project. We meet with 22 girls once a month, but in addition to offering training in sex education and menstrual topics, as well as systematic practical support in the form of hygiene packages, we are starting a series of vocational workshops to become a tool for starting their first mini-business. We are very keen on enabling girls to be independent, and also to learn entrepreneurship in practice.
It has long been our dream to inspire other schools in remote areas of Ghana to do something for teenage girls. And so in May, thanks to a partnership with a befriended organization called One Seed, we launched our program at one of the private schools in Accra, and at the end of the month we held our first Sisterhood conference. It was attended by more than 70 girls and involved more than 12 volunteers. The program included a keynote session on health and personal hygiene during adolescence, and workshop sessions where we touched on sex education, boundary setting, conscious development, and self-esteem. Each participant received a Duafe package, and at the end all the girls danced joyfully to the local music rhythms, hoping to repeat this extraordinary time soon.
Sisterhood Conference
A few days after the meeting, we received extremely encouraging feedback that the time spent with the girls is yielding good results. The girls are more willing to share their challenges and find support in the immediate circle of teachers they trust. We firmly believe that regular meetings for the girls have a real impact on their lives and perception of themselves.