5 th birthday of Janusz Day Care Center

Special Event

Today is a special day, we celebrate the 5th birthday of Janusz Korczak's Day Care Center .
It is a great success. The unique work of the team is the reason why we can celebrate beautiful day but also number of big hearted friends around the world who constantly cheer us on this journey.
The distinguished guests honored us with their presence. The head of the village of Nana Apprepotwe himself, his deputy Nana Quansah, and Queen Nana Felicia Opoku Mensah. There were also representatives of the school council, pedagogical council of nearby schools and residents.
The educational program prepared for this special occasion was presented by senior students of the Janusz Korczak Day Care Center. They presented short educational scene and a beautiful dance. Elementary school students and girls club which is part of Start from Ghana Foundation were also a huge support.
The last part of our program was a words of appreciation. Chief gave a special laudation in recognition of the achievements for his work in the village to SFGF directors Eddie and Monika Quarcoo.
They, on behalf on foundation donated the computers to the primary school which plays a significant educational role in the village.
We believe that this is just the beginning of such an important educational activity. Following the words of N. Mandela
"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."