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"If you educate a woman, you educate a family; if you educate a girl, you shape the future." - Queen Rania of Jordan.
The bond between the girls is incredible. Young girls who dream and develop their character grow into women with vision, mothers and leaders who pass on core values and valuable opportunities to the next generation. This is how our passion for girls' education began. Sisterhood Club is a unique relationship between girls based on trust, respect and mutual support. Lack of support on the topic of female personal hygiene remains a burning issue in Ghana. Due to lack of access to basic hygiene supplies, the girls miss between 1 and 3 months of school per year.
A few days ago we organized another meeting with the girls. Our Club meetings usually take plave every 2 weeks after school classes. More than 50 teenage girls join them and they actively participate. Mabel is the initiator of the Club,who prepares a special program and each meeting ends with a joint singing and small refreshments.This time we had a wonderful guest, Akosua who is a qualified nurse trained in the USA. We talked about dreams and the road to achieving them, as well as what are the biggest obstacles to do so and what are the most common challenges of young girls in rural Ghana. Girls talked about teenage pregnancy, lack of opportunity for higher education due to financial constraints, access to multimedia, lack of professional skills, after-school work to support the family, etc. We are not always able to offer straightforward solutions, but during the event we shared some tips on how to use their time to learn practical skills. As part of the Sisterhood club, we offer emotional support and we are planning career workshops, but oftentimes it is simply about the girls finding kindness and support. To hear that they are not alone in these circumstances. Our heart this season is focused on empowering girls to be more confident and take one small step that will bring them closer to achieving their dreams of a better education.

And now You can help us do that today by making a regular donation to the Sisterhood Club. Just 35 PLN will support buying hygienic materials, which we distribute among girls every month.