A health center in a rural area is the first point of contact for mothers whose children are struggling with an illness or infection, or for adults who need medical advice. Such a place must have access to medical equipment and qualified staff. For many people, a visit to the hospital is out of reach. It is usually a good few kilometers away from where they live, so many people choose this option as a last resort. A health center has existed on the path to Duaga for several years, but unfortunately equipment and staff shortages have made it inadequate. At the very epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the tremendous support of Rotary Accra-South, we were able to renovate and reconstruct the facility to meet sanitation requirements and address the needs of over a thousand local residents. We were involved in equipping this health center with the necessary medical equipment. In addition, we created a maternity ward and an emergency ward in case patients could not be immediately transported to the Hospital.
The Rotary Club also donated an ambulance, a special refrigerator to keep medicines, vaccines, and administrative equipment, and most importantly, connected the facility to electricity with running water. By joining forces and working together, we were able to create the first facility of that kind located in a rural area that offers the necessary friendly working conditions and medical equipment. We thank all our donors for supporting this project. We believe that a well-equipped medical facility will bring help and improve the quality of life of our local community.