Ho Ho Ho

A special guest has come to the Janusz Korczak Kindergarten. Afeyhia Pa, he shouts in their loud voice, in the local Akan language it means Merry Christmas to everyone.

A warm December day, a veil of dust hangs over the village, successfully reminding us that harmattan (meaning the dry season) and Christmas celebrations are fast approaching. Bronya is the actual word for Christmas in Ghana, bringing a big smile to the faces of the children as they celebrate the day the loudest. It has been said that Christmas is for children because it is a time for presents, though it is rare for children in rural areas to get them. On Christmas Day, everyone puts on their festive clothes and goes to church for the Christmas service. Ghana lacks strong Christmas traditions. It is mostly associated with joy and dancing here. Families usually travel to visit their cousins in another part of the country but not everyone has the opportunity. The culmination of this day is a favorite meal, usually rice called Jollof with a boiled egg and a delicacy of well fried chicken or meat from a goat.
A few years ago we decided to invite in the December season the "Christmas father"" in our western culture called Santa Claus. At first the kids were quite reserved about him, but now they can't wait to meet him again. As every year, he arrives in his four-wheel-drive carriage with a sack full of gifts for the kids. Everyone got their own Christmas gift, and there was a lot of joy. The day ended with a festive meal and a dance competition, in which the youngest students of our kindergarten presented themselves with a confident performance.

Merry and Happy Christmas from the whole Janusz Korczak Kindergarten team in Duadze.