Good Head Start

Learning is a treasure that accompanies its owner everywhere.
— Chinese Proverb
I remember well that moment when the vacations were coming to an end and the whole family was beginning to activate for "BACK TO SCHOOL" mode. For the kids, it's a favorite moment of browsing the supermarket, picking out a backpack and school accessories, getting notebooks with their favorite cartoon characters. Everything smelled brand new. Sometimes I inherited something from an older sister or brother, but it was never a question of deciding whether or not my child would go to school. Since the Janusz Korczak Kindergarten has been in existence, we have tried to give parents as much support as possible. In Ghana, education is a huge investment. In theory, education is free from the age of 5, but the level of education in public schools is quite low, so those who can afford it tend to send their children to private institutions. Kindergartens are mostly private institutions for which one has to pay regular rather high school fees.
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The situation is similar in rural areas. Our kindergarten, despite the fact that it is a private institution, does not charge regular tuition fees. Parents pay a one-time registration fee of 5 EUR (in Ghana, public schools charge registration fees starting from 6,5 EUR) in which the children receive two uniforms worth a total of 10 EUR. However, even that amount is often very problematic and parents have to pay the registration fee in installments. We want the kids to be taken care of, surrounded by warmth and care while their parents do other things.
This year we decided to go a step further and provide a good start for the kids from one of our partner schools in a remote village. Due to pandemics, the start of the school year in Ghana began in mid-January. However, we have heard that up to now students are skipping school because they lack supplies and are unable to complete their homework. This causes a lot of anxiety and stress so the only solution is to stay at home. As a foundation, we organized a fundraiser, which was successful as we bought 900 notebooks, writing supplies and crayons.

Once again our donors, friends and supporters showed their generosity by giving support to the children so that they can continue their school adventure.
Basic School in Kwakrom