Life Investment

A good teacher can arise Hope, ignite the imagination, instill a love of learning.
To nobody, there is no need to elucidate the paramount importance of teachers in our educational voyage. The magnitude of influence wielded by the qualifications and competencies of the pedagogical personnel on our forthcoming educational reminiscences, career choices, and the felicity with which we nostalgically reminisce about our school years cannot be overstated. Prioritizing the investment in the staff ensemble of Janusz Korczak Kindergarten is imperative, as it yields a secure and nurturing milieu for our charges. To attain this objective, we yearn to witness proactivity and ingenuity in diverse pedagogical methodologies, which harmoniously aligns with nurturing the proficiency and potential of our team. The predicament faced by teaching staff in rural regions of Ghana presents a disheartening panorama. Deplorable working conditions, dearth of professional advancement opportunities, and meager remuneration engender apprehension, despondency, occupational burnout, and the gradual erosion of the ardor for teaching. Hence, we aspire to establish elevated benchmarks and channel our resources into uplifting the value we ascribe to teachers.
In the late days of March and early April, the team of Start from Ghana Foundation had the honor of hosting Diane Garrison, a seasoned educator and a long-standing friend of the foundation. Diane specializes in early childhood and preschool education, with a keen focus on learning through play and establishing close bonds with children. Over the course of more than a month, the teachers underwent training under the expert guidance of this specialist, covering areas such as effective communication, fostering affirmative action, problem-solving strategies, and nurturing creativity.
The training sessions comprised a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical activities meticulously crafted to stimulate imagination and deepen the teachers' understanding of child development. The commitment and enthusiasm displayed by the teachers throughout the pedagogical course were truly remarkable. As a result of their dedication, they were rewarded with official certificates, a source of immense joy and renewed hope, as it signifies that their efforts will yield even more fruitful outcomes and be carried out with great satisfaction.
Diane Garrison
Educator & Trainer
Diane Garrison is an early years educator, leader and trainer who has worked in the sector for over 25 years, in England, and Oman. Diane is a passionate advocate for play-based Early Years Education and inclusive practice, which respects local culture and the experiences and expertise that children bring to early education. She teaches early educators as a guest lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University on the subject of Equality diversity and inclusion and her experiences at the Start from Ghana Foundation.