Christmas celebration

It is a common statement that Christmas is for children. For adults, it's New Year's Day. In Ghana, Christmas is a church holiday, while if one were to ask about Christmas traditions, there are none. Well, except for maybe one, on Christmas Day you eat rice and chicken to your heart's content!
Our Western customs like singing Christmas carols, dressing the Christmas tree, preparing 12 Christmas dishes, are not fully understood here, as they have little to do with local traditions. It's all played out in the realm of services and commerce rather than the home.

Accra, Ghana's capital, is much more cosmopolitan. Despite the searing heat and small sand tornadoes from everywhere, the approaching festivities can be recognized by the increasing number of twinkling lights with which roadside bars and stores are decorated, and familiar melodies and electronic rhythms resound from loudspeakers.
Christmas is associated with children's games and gift-giving. At the Janusz Korczak kindergarten in Duaga, as every year, we have been preparing for this day for several weeks. It's a special time, where for a moment residents, parents of our charges and the entire preschool community leave other important tasks and come to the kindergarten on that day to see a specially prepared by their children artistic performance, dance competitions, and, of course, could not miss in the repertoire Christmas meal.
This year we had a very special guest at Korczak's, who wished parents the best for the Christmas and New Year's season, and presented the children with gifts, and it was by no means Santa Claus... it was Village Chief Nana Baah I. An exceptionally warm and welcoming man who surprised us immensely with his openness and the natural relationship he established with the children. Initially distrustful and somewhat frightened toddlers after a while, began to high-five with our honored guest. It looks like we have established a new holiday tradition, tailor-made for Ghanaians!
There were also gifts, the children received from the hands of the village chief Nana Baah I a bag full of goodness: coloring books, treats and glasses, because these will make them even more happy! Oh yes, our dear preschoolers like to dress up.
The group of teachers and staff of the kindergarten is a close-knit team that works every day to ensure that the smiles do not leave the faces of our preschoolers. I am extremely grateful for the effort and creativity they put into preparing this event. It was certainly a fantastic day, full of joy for our charges and their families.

And all this happened thanks to your financial support. Without it, it would be difficult for us to plan and organize events such as these so I thank you from the bottom of my heart <3.
Monica Quarcoo
SFG Director
with teachers
and staff
Janusz Korczak
in Dudze - Ghana