Build with us

Since the day we opened our facility, it is the last couple of months that have been a time of remarkable transformation for our Janusz Korczak Kindergarten. It started with the need to replace the roof. The rainy season was a bit like a blister on the heel, it was washing away our foundations and the roof was leaking to such extent that the classrooms turned into a spot where we collected rainwater. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to start the renovation and, as it happens with renovations, the needs began to multiply.
We dreamed of a kitchen with a pantry and a proper teachers' room, in the meantime we also started thinking timidly of a library where the village kids could come after school and spend time in a creative way. The fact is that rural areas lack such educational spaces. Often education is a privilege, rather than a basic right that of every child. Lack of electricity or dedicated study space makes it impossible for kids to do well in their studies. The day ends here with the sunset, a few minutes after 6pm, and severely limits children's studying opportunities. Statistics are sad, only 66% of children in rural areas attend elementary school, only 32% of these children have a chance to continue their education in secondary school. The mission of the Start From Ghana Foundation is to spread awareness and give children the opportunity for both formal and informal education from an early age. The first part of our building expansion has been successfully completed. Now it's time to build the first Community Library in Duadze, which will create space for extracurricular activities and access to literature and information technology course as well. In order to carry out our mission we need your support. Every day of our Kindergarten operating is a miracle that happens right before our eyes thanks to you. Years of experience have shown us that this journey is a commitment for years and an investment of many people who join us at different stages of the project.

An African proverb says, "if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together."
We are going as a team together with you. If you would like to join and invest in a brick (cost of 1 brick is 4 PLN), a can of paint (65 PLN), or contribute to the purchase of 3 laptops and a printer (4500 PLN) we would be very grateful. 'Happiness is the only thing that multiplies if you share it'