We celebrate

As we began 2021, there was a lot of uncertainty about what it would bring us. After a pandemic, 10 months of virtual classes that have little chance of success in rural areas, the loss of some support, endless renovations, a shrinking team of teachers, and much more, we didn't know what to prepare for. However, this year has exceeded our wildest expectations!
  • We have opened a new branch of the Start from Ghana Foundation
    We have established a branch of SFG (Start from Ghana Foundation) in Poland. A team of wonderful people has joined us to support our various activities.
  • The Nutrition Initiative
    We served over 7000 hot meals and fruit desserts to our students at the Janusz Korczak kindergarten.
  • Sisterhood Club Growth
    In June, we launched our new location for our Sisterhood young girls project in village called Kwakrom. This included donating over 440 feminine hygiene packages for the girls. We organized 8 unique meetings with specialists for the young girls: a midwife, a nurse, a psychologist and a career counselor. Additionally, we funded their first educational trip to the National Heritage sites.
  • Opening of the first library in Duadze
    We built an additional room at our kindergarten to open a library accessible to the children and youth of the Duadze village. The library has 20 seats and 4 computers workstations with computers. In addition, we were honored to host the Deputy Commissioner of the Canadian Embassy, who enriched the library with new books for our children.
  • Kindergarten building
    We have expanded the J. Korczak kindergarten building by adding new facilities, i.e. kitchen, teachers' room and pantry.
  • We improved the comfort of life
    We renovated a space for a family of two - a grandmother and her grandson, both of whom are being supported and looked after by our foundation.
  • We supported
    We donated 80 sets of educational resources to students from schools in the surrounding villages. The resources included math kits, which are necessary to pass the junior high school exam.
  • We collaborated
    In partnership with Mama Africa, we funded 6 computers for Duaga Elementary School and helped renovating the computer lab.
  • We equipped
    Together with the Rotary Club, we successfully completed a project to connect a deep well and electricity to a health checkpoint in Duadze village. Additionally, we provided support in the form of medications' supplies.
  • Christmas presents
    We organized a surprise Christmas dinner for 50 children from the kindergarten. Additionally, we gave 13 Christmas packages to the families in our care, who need additional support due to their difficult financial situation.
Thank you for supporting the projects of the Start From Ghana Foundation. We are very grateful for your trust, regular and one-time financial support. We welcome this New Year 2022 with open arms because we believe that the vision we have been entrusted with will grow and have an even greater impact on the community in which we work in Ghana.

Monika & Eddie with Team SFG