Project Duafe

"When women support each other, incredible things happen." Ghana is full of symbols, proverbs and aphorisms that speak of important values or provide direction in life. Adinkra symbols as they are referred to are used in weaving, jewelry industry and many more. We dedicated one of our projects called DUAFE, which alludes to Adinkra, to the teens of the Sisterhood club. The name Duafe represents one of the symbols of Adinkra, which depicts a wooden comb that emphasizes the value of femininity, love, and care. It also represents good hygiene.

For over 24 months, we have been leading meetings for adolescent girls in rural areas of Ghana. We meet at three elementary school locations: Duadze, Kwakrom, Effutukwa. Depending on the semester, a total of 80-100 girls between the ages of 10-17 are being taken care of and supported. The incredible potential, strength and resilience in Ghanaian girls is one of the reasons that inspired us to start this type of get-together. After that, things moved quickly. The scale of challenges and needs that the teenagers here face on a daily basis is enormous. We can't respond all of them at once, but what we can do is create a safe space for them to talk, find support and dream for the future. However, the reality is harsh, girls in rural Ghana receive between 5-7 years of education. Early marriage, pregnancy, poverty, and sexual harassment are obstacles that force girls to drop out of school before the end of middle school. There are many reasons why girls in Ghana are missing out on educational opportunities, one of which is something they cannot prevent and have no control over, which is their menstrual cycle. Currently, sanitary pads are a 'luxury item' as they are taxed with a 20% import charge. As a result, many girls often miss school during their menstrual cycle because they do not have the supplies to leave home without feeling ashamed. Currently, there are various petitions regarding the exorbitant tax on sanitary pads, as they affect the daily lives of young women who are trying to shape their own future through the opportunity of education. And this is where the Duafe project comes into the picture, it aims to be a regular educational and hygiene support for teenage girls. Through a series of meetings on physical, spiritual, and emotional development, the girls will be able to decide what is good for them. In addition, each month they will receive a beautiful Duafe package to take care of their basic hygiene needs.

If you believe in girls' education as much as we do, please support us with a monthly payment of at least 35 PLN and give the young women a beautiful care package, thus giving them the courage to dream of a future full of possibilities.
The Duafe Package
The Duafe package is a beautifully hand-sewn bag, made from local fabric by a seamstress who works with us on this project on a regular basis. Each pack contains the necessary menstrual supplies, which include hygienic items to support the girls' during their monthly menstrual cycle, i.e.: sanitary pads, soap, washcloth, set of underwear. Such package ensures their comfort, safety and minimizes their risk before missing at least a week of school.