Little Artists

The Art is a place where children learn to trust their ideas,
trust themselves and discover what is possible.

– Maryann F. Kohl
While doing crafts, children use all their senses, have to communicate their thoughts and emotions explore their surroundings and connect what they already know with skills and attitudes. It is in the context of play that children test the surrounding world. For the past few weeks, kids at the Janusz Korczak Kindergarten have had an amazing opportunity to interact with art in a new way.
A friendly artist from Romania, Ioana Binica introduced preschoolers to the importance of art in everyday life, engaging all the senses, using simple materials such as plants, bamboo, paint, sponges and string, and a variety of textures. The art classes had several stages, with children divided in groups. In the first stage, we met in groups of about 20-26 students. The older group worked with a model, molded based on themselves, while the younger group had recycled materials (string, bamboo) at their disposal playing with plastic form. The next workshop meeting was already held for all together, the children had at their disposal any form of expression, they could use any materials that were in the common space in action with sound effects of classical music. Almost immediately we could see the positive effect of the exercise.
The art classes helped them develop their motor skills, concentration on a task, problem solving and critical thinking. In the end, their artistic expression turned into an exhibition of independent and wonderful works made by the children, with the clear understanding that everyone is a talented artist, because they created a true one-of-a-kind pieces. Creativity is crucial in a child's life, as it stimulates brain development more strongly than following the beaten path and sticking to rules. Children learn best through first-hand experience - free play motivates, stimulates and supports a child's skill development.