January Jump

New Beginnings
January usually has a slow start in Ghana. Kids in kindergarten arrive in a grid pattern. There is a perception that not much happens in schools in the first few weeks. However, we as a team are not slowing down and plans for this year are drawing in beautiful colors. We were able to hold a New Year's meeting with parents and talk about the situation of the children, offer parents some business projects that we would like to invite them to during this half-year.
These meetings with parents are especially important for us, as they don't happen very often. You're thinking how can this be, since we generally have toddlers in the kindergarten? It's more common for us to see their older siblings coming to pick them up from school than a parent, so we especially want to celebrate this moment and meetings with them.
The beginning of the year, brought good news. We have doubled the size of our team. Our teacher Rita gave birth to a beautiful daughter Akousa and is currently on maternity leave. Thanks to your regular support, we were happy to plan and create a new workplace, bringing another person into our team, taking care of the comofort of work and development of our children.

At the end of the month, Priscilla, a young girl with good prospects to stay with us for a longer period, joined us for a trial period. The children took an instant liking to her, and the calmness that emanates from her is shared by all of us.
Daily life at Korczak is quite repetitive and simple, but it requires a lot of attentiveness and sensitivity, because children come to us with all sorts of stories. Often abandoned, sometimes malnourished, sometimes unwanted and neglected. The fact that on the spot they meet staff who are engaged, caring and keenly concerned about their fate, their tummies are fed and little bodies cuddled. We realize that our resources are limited, but we don't forget that every even the simplest act of kindness has an impact on their lives.

We thank you that as friends of the foundation, patrons, donors, you choose to make a difference in the lives of more than 100 children in the small village of Duadze, Ghana, on a regular basis every month in a genuine way by supporting the various projects of our foundation.