Duafe Sisterhood Conference

Sisterhood Tour 2024

Duafe Sisterhood helps me believe in myself and the potential within me to make good decisions about my future.
Esther, 17, Effutuakwa, Central Region
In mid-April, we launched our touring edition of Duafe Sisterhood meetings to spread awareness about menstrual health, sex education and mental health. This year the goal was one, to reach 600 girls in 6 locations and 5 regions of Ghana. We launched in Duadze a small village in the central region of Ghana, where our Janusz Korczak Kindergarten is located.
Mabel, who is the godmother and coordinator of our project, began the meeting with a celebration of Sisterhood. She gathered all the girls in a circle, creating an atmosphere of closeness and mutual support. The joint, lively cheer she initiated was an expression of unity, solidarity and the incredible strength of women. The initiative was then taken by Sabina and Rita, two exceptional women who recently graduated from our program and are now Duafe Sisterhood ambassadors. They talked about their experience, sharing how the program has impacted their lives.

Sabina and Rita emphasized how the program increased their self-confidence and changed the way they viewed their bodies. Thanks to the support they received, they learned to take care of their needs, especially during menstruation, and gained the courage to ask difficult questions without fear of being judged. They also told how the program helped them discover and develop their passions. Their testimonies were incredibly inspiring, showing how much the Duafe program means to them - something we often don't have the opportunity to hear about every day.

In addition, the participants in our program prepared situational scenes and speeches that dealt with the role and importance of women in family life and the local community. Their speeches were full of emotion and authenticity, showing the profound impact the Duafe program has had on the lives of these young women. Each of them brought something unique to the table, highlighting not only their individual experiences, but also the shared values and aspirations that unite them into a strong, supportive sisterhood.

Duafe Sisterhood 2024 I Duadze