Christmas Surprise

Christmas is a time that is extremely important to us, because it constantly reminds us of togetherness, cherishing what we create and being thankful for those around us.
Each new year gives us countless reasons to be thankful, and December is a tentative reminder of the value and reasons we began this journey together on the edge of the world. Just a few days ago we celebrated a Christmas surprise with the charges of the Start From Ghana Foundation. The temperature was truly tropical, due to the harmattan or dry season that is about to arrive. There was a festive meal as befits a Christmas egg, chicken and jollof, or Ghanaian specialties. There was Mary and Joseph with their newborn child, the most important guests of the event. The role of these important characters was played by kids from the Janusz Korczak Kindergarten, in beautiful words and gestures telling us about the essence of this Christmas.
Our Christmas program included many activities such as: a dance contest, art classes, meeting with Santa Claus, awarding diplomas. There are not enough words to describe how much was going on, so we invite you to watch the photo report, which will show you how colorfully and joyfully celebrated the entire Janusz Korczak kindergarten, along with the wards and their families.
At this special time we also wanted to appreciate the year of hard work of many people who make up our Korczak community. Although, for many reasons, this year was not an easy one, the fact that the strength lies in people who work together resonates even more strongly! For this, too, we thanked the teachers, members of the parents' council and the entire team who put all their hearts into preparing this day.
We thank you, too, if you are reading this today, believing that this next year 2023 will be full of inspiration, new resources and goodness that will multiply if you share it.