School in kwakrom

Bring Change

We have been working at Kwakrom Elementary School for over 2 years. Through our Duafe Sisterhood program, we mentor young teenagers between the ages of 11-17, holding educational meetings, hands-on business workshops, and in the interest of mental health, we teach them how they can take care of themselves. Often when entering the life of a school, as the Start from Ghana Foundation we are literally inundated with a list of requests for help, as the needs literally pile up from every direction. It is not easy to navigate through such obstacles, as often the needs even seem so mundane, and the natural response would be to respond. However, experience has already taught us not to make absolutely no promises to the school. Focus first on the task assigned to our project, and keep a close eye on the school.
The school in Kwakrom, despite being located at the end of the world, far from anything civilization could be called and with a mountain of needs, seemed to be very calm and engaged with a natural initiative to bring positive change to their community. For our foundation, this is a very important aspect when it comes and any cooperation. Therefore, this year we decided to organize several community initiatives together, but the business workshops were the most popular. The teenage girls' program, on the other hand, resulted in the girls' openness, so much so that they began to share the very personal challenges they were going through. With therapeutic support and our local team, we were able to prevent several difficult experiences, as well as offer them substantive support in several serious situations. Finally, in November, our program came to an end, and thanks to our long-standing partnership with the Rotary Club, we were also able to leave behind a positive change in the school. This is not the typical way we operate, but in this case a unique opportunity came along.
The school in Kwakrom has been equipped with specific things:

- connection to a well with running water
- we were able to put into use a sanitary and hygienic complex with toilets for teachers and students
(this was important for teenage girls, who can use them especially during menstruation)
- we equipped classrooms with 25 school desks
- we installed windmills in two classrooms
- we purchased books for the local library and 3 laptops
The solemn day was honored with her presence, also the deputy to the parliament and representatives of government institutions.

It was a special and a very important moment of positive changes and improved conditions for students and teachers at the school in Kwakrom.
Many such significant moments at both the educational and aid levels would not have been possible if it were not for the support of our donors and funders. It is thanks to them that the heart of our foundation beats decidedly stronger, and that bringing change and support has a practical dimension.