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In Ghana's elementary school, a school layette is an important component that affects how well students do academically. The requirements for a layette may vary by region of the country and by specific schools. A school layette consists of basic school supplies such as notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, scissors, glue, paints and crayons.
In some schools, students must also purchase additional supplies such as school uniforms, shoes, backpacks and other essentials to help them travel to and from school. Students who don't have the proper layette often have difficulty learning, and in some cases are even not allowed to attend classes.
The cost of a school layette in Ghana varies widely, depending on the school, region and level of education. For many families, the purchase of a school layette can be a heavy financial burden, which is why some schools organize charity events to raise funds to buy layettes for children. And why are we writing about it? Because it is Effutuakwa Elementary School, which is one of the schools with very limited financial resources. We've been running our projects there for more than 10 months now, and one of them is specifically about school starter for children and teenagers.

The villagers are mainly elderly women and children. Most of the people have left for larger cities in search of income. The children's parents live mainly by farming, and buying school supplies is quite a challenge for them, especially if there is more than one child in the family who starts the school year at the same time.
In Ghana, children start school in January instead of September. At the beginning of this year, it has come to our foundation's attention that students are skipping classes right at Effutuakwa Elementary School because they lack school supplies making it impossible for them to complete their homework. This involves a lot of discomfort and often tremendous stress, so the only solution for them is to stay at home. As a foundation, we organized a fundraiser that was successful because we purchased 500 notebooks, writing instruments and crayons. Once again, our funders, friends and supporters showed their generosity, giving support to 110 children from Effutuakwa Elementary School to continue their school adventure. You can watch a photo report and a video of how much joy and euphoria the distribution of school supplies brought to the kids.
Primary School in Effutuakwa